Community Events

Events listed on this page are not Harvard Club of San Francisco events, but events that we believe are of interest to our members. Please note the registration and contact information for each event, as HCSF does not handle event reservations for these events.

Berkeley Lab is sponsoring a free event - Cleantech Pitchfest in San Francisco on June 1 that features six scientists, including Harvard Alum Jeff Urban.

Details can be found below and at this link.

Promo video.

The free event, Cleantech Pitchfest, is co-sponsored by the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce and will be held on:

Wednesday, June 1 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Marine’s Memorial Theatre
609 Sutter Street (at Mason)
San Francisco, CA
Event registration:

Join Bay Area tech industry professionals, elected officials, educators, students and researchers in an interactive event that will showcase the very latest in clean technology and allow you to contribute to the discussion.

Scientists and topics include:

  • Kendra Kuhl - Recycling CO2: Fueling your car on recycled CO2
  • Marcus Lehmann - CalWave: Harnessing energy from ocean waves
  • Samveg Saxena - MyGreenCar: Test driving “virtually” to compare real fuel economy and EV range
  • Chinmayee Subban - Energy-Efficient Desalination: Making fresh water from salty sources on the cheap?
  • Jeff Urban - Nanoscale Sponges: Capturing carbon with metal-organic frameworks
  • Raymond Weitekamp - DIY Efficient Windows: Applying paint-on coatings for energy-efficient windows