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K-12 Pandemic Parenting
k12Now that you are a parent AND a teacher, are you looking for some tools and tips for helping your children in school? Are you feeling like common core is not exactly common? Expert tutor and college counselor, Tatum Hutton will provide tools you can use for your child, at any grade level (k-12) to make online education easier for you and more successful for your child. If you want to gain peace in your home and help your child succeed during these challenging times, tune in for this SIG and get tips, support, and resources to survive these challenging times.

Tatum B. Hutton, AB ’94

Tatum is an expert on learning, especially for middle/high school students, and is certified to teach math, science, and English. Tatum is also certified in career advising and college admissions. Custom Academics, LLC was founded by Tatum in 2009 with two divisions: Tutor Time Now and College Time Now. It is always a customized approach using positive reinforcements to teach independent learning skills. Tutor Time Now’s team covers all K-12 subjects and fourteen exams. Since starting Tutor Time Now and College Time Now, Tatum’s clients have superseded records and gained admissions to numerous schools, but most importantly, they are thriving. tatum@tutortimenow.com

“What’s Your Story” SIG for writers of fiction and nonfiction and screenplays

Whats your storyWe want to create a community of writers where everyone can participate and get feedback. We want to stress that our feedback will be “constructive and kind.” We want to nurture each other.

Cynthia Travis (writing a non-fiction work now), Class of 1959

I attended Radcliffe, before it merged with Harvard, and concentrated in Economics. After graduation I attended Harvard GSAS, also in Economics, and got ABD (all but dissertation). Back then, candidates had 7 years from completion of coursework to present their dissertation, so I figured there was no rush, and meanwhile we were starting a family and moving a lot. Much later, I got an MBA from San Diego State.

My professional career has been almost entirely in finance, consulting on accounting issues, writing and implementing code for banks, etc. I’m retired now but, for my last 15 years, I worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. For Harvard, I served on its Schools and Scholarships Steering Committee and chaired the San Francisco Interviewers team, both for over a decade. ctravis@sonic.net

Gloria Wu, MD (AB ’75, Columbia MD ’81)

Author of three medical textbooks, publisher of ejournal, journalofasianhealth (2011-2020), author of 3 unpublished mystery novels. I am interested in fiction writing.

I have been taking creative writing courses for 10 years off and on. I love to write. In fact, I “need “ to write. I am working on a murder mystery set in 1987 and 2020 in COVID19. I have created 5 mobile apps for fun as well.

I am married to a cardiologist, I have 2 adult daughters, one in Los Angeles and one in Oakland. No grandchildren, no dogs or cats but I like Dachshunds. I love the youtube video of the cat, Hosico, who has a million followers. I am still practicing medicine which I love. gwu2550@gmail.com

Successful Aging ? A monthly group for Young and Old — and In-Between!
How can we learn to thrive as we age? Interested in exploring this with others? It could trigger a plethora of exciting life discussions. Come join us and see;

- What IS successful aging? Since all who survive long generally experience sickness, old age and death, is successful aging an oxymoron?

-Interesting conversations, helpful learnings, enjoyment, friendships arise as we share our ideas, knowledge and experience.

Is it helpful – and interesting -- to learn about these issues at any age? – we think “Yes” ; what we earlier learn and do affects our later physical and emotional health, finances, whether relationships last – and what we pass to others, often including our children.

Structure: Meet once a month, more if we wish, for 1 ½ hours to share our experiences, understandings, perhaps a question/topic for our meeting, perhaps a speaker, perhaps related reading or podcast or video; occasionally a moment to celebrate a birthday of a group member – whether it’s 25 or 50 or 100.

Breakout groups can encourage deeper connections or discussions.
Participate and help shape the discussion and the structure.

image2Lee Robbins, Ph.D.:Social Systems Sciences, has spent much of his life organizing and nurturing groups and organizations including the Management, Spirituality and Religion Group and its annual participant-led Retreats of the international Academy of Management; the progenitor of the International Ombudsman Association; the San Francisco Gay Intellectual Salon; a multi-college urban studies and intervention program, and he recently supervised a dissertation on Re-Engagement by Elders. Lee Robbins at leerobbins@sonic.net.

Co-Host: TBD