Please join HCSF & HCSV for a moonlit evening hike on Mt. Tam.

Mt. Tamalpais is an iconic mountain in Marin County, offering varied trails, rich history, and stunning views down onto the bay, San Francisco and the East Bay, Marin County, and the Pacific Ocean. A special way to enjoy the mountain and its surrounding beauty is on an easy-to-moderate 4-mile evening hike, watching the sky change as daylight turns to moonlight and city lights below and stars above begin to twinkle. We'll hike from the Mountain Home Inn to the historic West Point Inn, have a dinner picnic with a lovely view during sunset, and then hike the same route back.

Please note: This hike will begin in daylight and end in the dark. Total hiking time, excluding the picnic, will be 2.5 to 3 hours. The latter half of the hike will be in dusk and then true darkness. On this date, the moon will rise before the sun sets, so if it's not cloudy, we should have plentiful moonlight; still, we encourage you not to come if you do not feel comfortable being outdoors in the dark. And please do bring a flashlight!

Additional Information: We will start our hike from the parking lot directly across from the Mountain Home Inn on the Panoramic Highway. This is a small lot in a popular park, so parking may fill up. We thus strongly encourage carpooling, which can be done from the strip mall parking lot at Tamalpais Valley Junction (where Highway 1 takes a sharp left-turn). To do so, please sign up at

If carpool drivers do not find parking in the Mountain Home Inn lot, look on the road or in an additional lot just to the north. (If facing the Mountain Home Inn, head to the left on the Panoramic Highway for ~100 feet; you will see a Mt. Tamalpais Watershed driveway with "EXIT FIRE STATION" painted on the road. It immediately splits; up to the left it is a paved road to the fire station and down to the right it is a gravel road to the trailhead. Head to the right and there is a parking area just outside the trailhead gate.)

What to Bring/Wear:

  • Water and snacks
  • Picnic dinner for yourself
  • Flashlight or head lamp with strong light
  • Covered-toe, sturdy shoes with good tread (to avoid slipping on a gravelly trail)
  • Layers; much of this hike goes through a warm pocket of air in which short sleeves may be comfortable, but the end of it is typically chilly enough for a fleece or jacket.
Saturday, October 20, 2018 (weather permitting; fire danger or poor air quality will postpone)
4:15 - 8:00 pm

Mountain Home Inn parking lot (directly opposite the Mountain Home Inn on the Panoramic Highway)
Mountain Home Inn is at 810 Panoramic Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Event Organizer
Lara Fox