sibleypreserveroundtopquarrypitEight Mile Hike Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve


Round Top, one of the area's highest peaks, is made up of lava and volcanic debris left over from a 10-million-year-old volcano. During the past 10 million years, massive tectonic forces on the Hayward and Moraga earthquake faults uplifted the Berkeley hills, folding bedrock formations and tilting the Round Top volcano complex on its side.

We will see:

  • extinct volcano
  • ancient lava flows
  • evidence of tectonic activity
  • different colors of basalt rock formations
  • several labyrithns
  • rock quarries


Important: Bring enough water, snacks, and sunblock to last you through an 8 mile/3 hour hike. Also, there are some cold and windy sections, so bring layered clothing. There are some small hills, and the total elevation gain is around 500 ft.

Sunday, January 13, 2019
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM (Weather permitting)

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Due to limited parking at the park, and the large number of attendees, we will meet at Rockridge BART station and consolidate into as few cars as possible. Meet in the BART station parking lot near the corner of Forest St and Shafter ave:

Event Organizer
John Yook
jbyook at hotmail