Getting into Product Management with PMs from Google, Uber, and Coinbase

Product Management (PM) is one of the hottest roles in tech right now. PMs are closest to the center of the action, and have a disproportionate amount of influence over key decisions. PMs wear many hats, make difficult trade-off decisions balancing between customer and business needs, technology capabilities, financial opportunities and risks. Several PMs often go on to start their own companies.

PM roles vary across various companies. Some PMs fall into Product Management by chance, but more and more, alumni working in Consulting, Engineering, and Finance are looking to make the switch into product management. We invite you to come and hear from 4 of our alumni who have had a successful career in Product Management. Some of our speakers started as Product Managers right after grad, and others transitioned into it from other industries. If you're curious to learn about Product Management as a career, best practices, or just looking to understand how to transition into Product Management, this panel is for you!

Sharon Stovezky, Harvard '15
Product Manager at Youtube/Google (previously consultant at BCG)

Rishav Mukherji, Harvard '15
Product Manager at Coinbase (previously PM at Facebook and Microsoft)

Melissa Chan, Harvard '15
Product Manager at Uber (previously PM at Zephyr Health, and consultant at IMS Health)

Upasna Sharma, Harvard '15, and President of HCSF
Product Manager at Uber (previously PM at Walmart eCommerce, an early stage startup, and consultant at Deloitte)

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
5:30pm - 6:30pm PT

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Registration deadline: Nov 10, 2020

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Event Organizer
Upasna Sharma