Harvard Club of San Francisco | Nominating Committee Process

Reviewed and approved by Nominating Committee on Nov 16, 2021

Author: Upasna Sharma

Reviewers (Nominating Committee): David James, Ralph Koenkar, Michael Alderete, Jorge Jaramillo, Kirsten Pickford


For the past 5+ years, the Harvard Club of San Francisco (HCSF) has not had a formal nomination process for new Board members and Officers. The goal of this document is to formalize that process, in order to ensure consistent candidate quality, and ensure proper checks and balances.

Board Member + Officer Nomination Process

Beginning 2022, we shall institute the following process for any new Board Member or Officer joining HCSF:

  1. Candidate must demonstrate active and ongoing interest in the Club, demonstrated through a combination of the below:
    1. Proactively reaching out to Board members to express interest in being of service
    2. Actively attending and leading organization of certain events with HCSF
    3. Actively volunteering as an HCSF committee member
    4. Exhibiting other forms of volunteer service to Harvard such as Schools and Scholarship, SIGS, etc.
    5. Demonstrated service to the Bay Area community
  2. Any existing Board Member or Officer may propose this Candidate for consideration. This person will be the “Nominee Sponsor”. The Candidate must submit the following application materials to the Executive Director:
    1. Letter of interest
      1. Letter of Interest should include:
        1. List your contact information.
        2. Write an opening paragraph.
        3. Highlight your relevant experience.
        4. Discuss your goals for HCSF.
        5. Add a closing paragraph.
    2. Resume
  3. The Executive Director will review the application materials, and request the Chair of the Nominating Committee to perform an initial screen.
  4. Once the Candidate has passed the initial screening, the Candidate will be passed onto the next round - the Candidate must be interviewed by at least 50% of the Nominating Committee.
  5. Once the Candidate has passed the above rounds of interviews, the Nominee Sponsor and the Nominating Chair must propose this candidate to the Board in the next Board meeting.
  6. In advance of the next board meeting, the Nominating Committee Chair will share the Candidate’s application with the Board (this may be over email as a pre-read), and solicit questions the Board may have for the candidate.
  7. The Candidate will be invited to that Board meeting. The Board will have time to ask the Candidate any questions they may have. After that, the Candidate will leave the Board meeting. After that, the Board will vote on one of the following next steps:
    1. Conduct a vote regarding whether the Candidate should join the Board. If this option is selected, the Candidiate must be accepted via a majority vote.
    2. For exceptional cases, request further information, which will delay the vote to the next Board meeting.
  8. The Nominating Chair will let the Candidate know of the decision after the vote, and they will be officially welcomed into the Board at the following Board meeting.


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