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Sunday, May 15
4:30pm - 6:00pm PT

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Wilczek, a theoretical physicist at MIT, provides a clear and concise discussion of the nature of reality, accessible to non-scientist readers. As Wilczek explained to MIT News: “To experience the deep harmony between two different universes — the universe of beautiful ideas and the universe of physical behavior — was for me a kind of spiritual awakening. It became my vocation.” And from the NY Times:  “Wilczek was still a graduate student at Princeton when he and David Gross developed the theory of asymptotic freedom, an explanation for the way quarks interact with one another inside the nucleus of an atom, clarifying the workings of the strong force, also called quantum chromodynamics. The theory explained a seeming paradox in the behavior of these elementary particles — that they attract one another more forcefully at a distance than in proximity — a discovery that earned him and Gross, along with David Politzer, the 2004 Nobel Prize.”

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