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What IS ‘successful” aging; how can we help ourselves – and others – get there? Interested in exploring this with other Harvard/Radcliffe alums? Inviting you to join us.

This month Dr. Sara Zeff Geber will present and lead our discussion focusing on aspects of solo aging, a circumstance for many now or in the future –if not yourself, some of your friends and relatives.  Come learn and discuss about the issues. Dr. Geber asks: Are you single? Married without children? Adult children who live far away?  Extended family not a part of your daily life?  If you answered yes to any of these, you are a Solo Ager.    Dr. Sara Zeff Geber will focus upon: identifying what matters to you most; finding resources in lieu of family to provide what you need as you age; considering how and where you wish to live; and, in general, navigating your post-retirement life. And if not a solo ager currently, we may find ourselves in that position in the future.  Sara Zeff Geber, PhD, is the author of the award-winning Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers. A regular contributor to on retirement and aging she frequently speaks at senior living conferences and for life plan communities.

What IS successful aging?  Is it helpful – and interesting – to consider the questions at early ages? Earlier choices affect us: physical and emotional health, finances, relationships –- what we pass to others, including our children.  For those having arrived as Elders how to move from striving to giving back?
-Interesting conversations, helpful learnings, enjoyment, friendships arise as we share our ideas, knowledge, experience.
-Or, since all who survive long generally experience sickness, old age and death, is successful aging an oxymoron?  Why not?

Structure: Meet once a month, more for those who wish, for 1 ½ hours to share our experiences, understandings, usually a question/topic for our meeting, perhaps a speaker, perhaps related reading or podcast or video; occasionally celebrate a birthday of a group member – whether it’s 25 or 50 or 100.  Extended time at the end available for those who wish to explore further.
Breakout groups are used to encourage deeper discussions and connections.
Participate and help shape the discussion and the structure.

Lee Robbins, Ph.D.:Social Systems Sciences, has spent much of his life organizing and nurturing groups and organizations including the Management, Spirituality and Religion Group and its annual participant-led Retreats of the international Academy of Management; the progenitor of the International Ombudsman Association; the San Francisco Gay Intellectual Salon; a multi-college urban studies and intervention program, and he recently supervised a dissertation on Re-Engagement by Elders.

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Thursday, January 12th
7:30pm - 9:00pm PT

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